A volunteer is a valuable member among the community who will have the unique opportunity to work with Animal Helpline.

The following ground rules are your agreements to the Animal Helpline:

  • Being a tough job and physically challenging, volunteers are expected to word hard.
  • Agenda and hours can fluctuate considerably. Generally volunteers are needed everyday; for example during meal breaks.
  • Volunteers are in charge of their own health and safety.
  • Volunteers should not undertake any activities if they have responsibilities towards their own health.
  • Before venturing into any new cases, every volunteer should study the particular health and safety risk linking with their individual cases.
  • With every occasion, the distinct task changes. If, by any chance you are unable to accomplish these tasks, you are requested to inform a member of staff in advance.
  • Volunteers don’t have any right to empower the contract on behalf of Animal Helpline
  • Behaving against the code of conduct will reject you urgently and for all time from any future volunteer events with Animal Helpline.
  • Volunteers are strictly forbidden to use the name Animal Helpline in any advertising unless approved by the trustee.
  • Engaging in alcohol or outlawed substances while working will not be acknowledged. Animal Helpline eagerly looks forward to your presence as a volunteer.